Link Building with Videos

Link building with videos is not as easy as it sounds. Most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is built around text, and given the fact that video has very little text to offer it can be difficult to build links with videos. However, a video is an element that can be linked to on its own. Normally if you are building links with your text, people will link to the page itself. But, with videos, it is possible to link directly to the video. This means that if you can disseminate your video widely enough, people may link to your video without needing to visit your page first. However, it is mostly a cast of getting people to link to either the page or the video in order to gain a search engine friendly backlink.

Link bait videos are ones that people are going to link to without any sort of incentive. There is also such a thing as link bait text, but time has shown us that it is easier to have people link to a video than it is to text (at least from a link bait point of view). So try to create a video that is going to attract natural backlinks.

Viral videos are the best for getting backlinks. It is all about creating a video that people are going to want to pass around to their friends. Take a look at the adverts that run during the closing games of the Superbowl. These are the advertising spots that people have paid thousands of dollars for, so they tend to pull out their “A game.” Take a look at the adverts that they run as you will find that they often go viral very quickly. These are the sorts of videos that you should try to create if you want to create link bait videos.Share videos with the hopes people will link to you.

This is the biggest aim when trying to build a backlink profile for your videos. The hope is that your video will be passed around enough interested parties that a few of them will decide to link to you. Start by embedding your video onto your website. Make sure that the written content and the title of the page are all related to your video. Make sure that the video has relevant keywords in its file name, title, and ALT text.

Now, start uploading it onto the social media sites. YouTube and Daily Motion are a good start but do not forget that you can upload it onto Facebook and Twitter too. Facebook has just converted Instagram so that it accepts videos too, so make sure you have a mobile ready version of your video. You can try Vine too, but their audience has started to shrink since the Instagram upgrade.Request that people link to you on the video.

If you solicit links via text, then Google has a way of detecting it and will lower your search engine ranking. They do not like people to solicit links because they prefer links to be organic. They want people to link to your website off of their own backs. However, they cannot read or see what is on your video, so at the end of the video you could ask people to link to your video, and you would not be penalized for it.Add a link to your video on all of your emails.

This is just a common sense thing to do. You should already have your business contact details at the bottom of every email you send, and you should have a link to your website. As a bit of an extra, you should have a link to your most recent video at the bottom of each email too. The people you are sending your emails to may not have any interest in the video, but there is always that chance that they may look at it or even pass it along.It is easier to solicit comments and get a loyal following.

Some people gain backlinks through blogging or social media campaigns. If you can build a following for your videos, then there is a chance that people are going to start linking to yours. This is especially true if people add you to their directory articles. Some people create articles that are a rundown of their favorite videos, or their most useful videos. If you gain a following, then it increases your chances of appearing on these lists.